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Reality Rhymes

Reality Rhymes Repeat Offender Poster (2 Sz)

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Reality Rhymes "Repeat Offender” is an adventure in doing the best thing and admitting to yourself what you know to be true. We go about our lives living in denial thinking it will get us where we want to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stop making the same mistakes twice. 

 “Serving up a healthy dose of inspiration with a side of hell bent perspective, you surrender deep into her trance while she takes you along for the joy ride of your life." ~ Kevin Smith, Author of Combat Martial Sciences

Printed with Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink

On archival matte paper

Shipped in heavy duty poster tube

Heavy weight (230 gsm), thick base (9.5 mil), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging.