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Kim Crawford PhD

Dr. Crawford, sets the stage to encourage self-awareness by exploring the latent power residing within our subconscious minds and exposing the true artistry of Hypnotherapy in creating life altering results. 

When you are ready for a change and don't know how, a Custom BrainWash may be just the thing Dr. Crawford orders, "I can change your mind, but I can’t change your mind." 

Because everyone’s got Dirty Minds, Dr. Crawford’s Creative Force Creations, are fused with the mission to empower our subconscious minds by seeding better well-being through Dirty Minds Podcast & TV Show, Custom BrainWash Hypnotherapy, VIBE@225Hz Dirty Minds Movement, Fractal Attraction, Reality Rhymes, and Young Mind Rhymes. 

Kim Crawford PhD, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Mental Black Belt Trainer, Certified Creational Master, holds an honorary PhD in Esoteric Studies from 25+ years experiential living via Quantum Physics and MetaPhysics focused on Creation and the Subconscious Mind.