#fractalmats Max Grip Custom Yoga Mats designed by Fractal Attraction Ship Free to USA in 1-3 days

Fractal Caps Beanies

Fractal CAPS Beanies of Polyester, Spandex, and Bamboo Rayon, fit you in the style you’re looking for - no matter where you live. Cultivate Peace of Mind wearing our super comfortable, soft, relaxed fit beanie - perfect for chilly weather or on bad hair days!

Fractal CAPS are the right weight beanies to wear year round for after surfing, as festival gear, while walking the dog, even just kickin’ it around the house. 

Fractal Attraction is proud to offer you these custom designed art products because fractals are the explanation of human's universal and innate subconscious understanding of the world - mind openers - plus, they’re beautiful to look at. 

A fractal is a never ending pattern that repeats itself at different size scales. This property is called “Self-Similarity.” Fractals are extremely complex, sometimes infinitely complex - meaning you can zoom in and find the same shapes forever. 

All custom art designs and products appearing on FractalAttraction.com are the creation and manifestation of Kim Crawford PhD, on a Dirty Minds mission to Cultivate Peace of Mind.  

Product Fulfilled in USA 

 - Shell is made from spun poly, 92% polyester, 8% spandex knit fabric (material manufactured in Canada) 
 - Lightweight bamboo lining, 95% bamboo rayon, 5% spandex 
 - The fabrics are highly pill-resistant - Lining colour options are black or gray 
 - Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing 
 - Machine wash cold with a phosphate free detergent, lay flat to dry 


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