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The Cosmic Beauty of Fractal Attraction

Fractal Attraction products = pure food for the soul.
A fractal is a never ending pattern that repeats itself at different size scales. 
This property is called “Self-Similarity.” 
Fractals are extremely complex, sometimes infinitely complex - meaning you can zoom in and find the same shapes forever.
Journey 11 Dimensions into the creational wonder of this Mandelbrot fractal zoom created with Kalles Fraktaler.

Fractality means sustainability (the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level). Fractals are proving to be a missing link for many who feel disconnected from reality. 

Because human attention is an electric fractal, when focused into the depths of fractal designs, it compresses the electric charge of that thing. This explains how shamans cure people or make clouds rain.

 Because there is growing evidence that viewing particular fractals can produce profoundly beneficial health effects in humans. 

 Because fractal art is used in interior design for flow, and can energize the room, encourage mental play, is beautiful, and fun. 

Because doing what you love recreates your aura into a rose fractal and thus fuels it with refreshing energy. 

Because fractals are full of meaning & scientific discoveries - even about brain waves! Fractal geometry is at the foundation of all of creation which is natural (not made by humans). 

Because fractals are images of Chaos Theory, the study of unpredictable, dynamic systems - evidencing small changes can lead to big differences - like using fractals to restore well-being. 

Because fractals give solid grounding to Shamanism, Taoism, Yoga, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, auras, & enlightenment. 

Because enlightenment is fractal. One plan for becoming fractal is surround yourself with other fractals! 

Because even the answer to the question “Why Fractal” is fractal itself as it exhibits great complexity driven by simplicity.  

 Because the part of a human that detaches from the body after death, separate from influence, body, and evolution - the soul - is fractal. 

Because fractals are the explanation of human's universal and innate subconscious understanding of the world - mind openers. 

Because these Creative Force Creations are inspired (infused with spirit) by the Universe to create the space for allowing fractals to openly engage in our lives - bask in their radiant beauty - soak in their healing energies. 

Because humans need these natural patterns to look at - we’re not getting enough of them and we risk losing our connection to the natural stress-reducer that is visual fluency. 

Because the more we kick it with fractals, the closer we stay in touch with the all powerful, all knowing, ever present fractal reality that is our innate natural intelligence. 

Cultivate Peace of Mind,
Dr. Kim Crawford 

 Richard Taylor, Director of the Materials Science Institute and Professor of Physics, University of Oregon, discovered how “fractal fluidity” between fractal designs, our eye movements, and resulting brain activation delivered up to 60% stress reduction.

Kim Crawford PhD, Creator of Fractal Attraction, is on a mission to empower our subconscious minds by seeding better well being. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an honorary PhD in Esoteric Studies, Dr. Crawford conceives fractals are a very necessary part of this equation towards increasing self-awareness.

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