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Dirty Minds

One of the most researched and proven areas in psychology, Hypnotherapy, is without a doubt,
one of the most effective & transformational methods
available in our time.
The following approaches are proven to generate the greatest success in providing lasting change based on a comparison study of techniques (1) for psychologically based change: 


600 Sessions
appx. 11.5 Years


Behavior Therapy
22 Sessions
appx. 6 mos.


6 Sessions
appx. 1.5 mos.


Medical Issues
Assists in Over 200 conditions 

Everyone's Got a Dirty Mind

The reality we have created is a process of our thinking. We can’t change anything if we can’t change our thoughts. The great news is we can plant new seeds in the subconscious mind using a Custom BrainWash aka Clinical Hypnotherapy. New thought seeds cultivate new thoughts and present your mind with new choices to act on.

Urging members of the Gloom & Doom Society to overcome their self-imposed despair used to be much simpler, but it’s still easier than trying to convince someone to change before they are ready to. Most everyone knows someone who would be better off if they would only change something. 

Their girlfriend, their hair, their job, their attitude, and so on. 

I clearly understand you can’t make someone else change their mind. What I don't understand is people's reluctance to engage with hypnotherapy. Especially lazy people. It is said that if you want to know the easiest way to get something done - ask a lazy person. They will ultimately find the simplest way to get accomplish the task. 
With that said... how many humans would possibly jump on the bandwagon towards cleaning their minds with a Custom BrainWash if they knew these juicy facts:
Clinical Hypnotherapy is not a treatment in and of itself. Rather, it is an insanely effective delivery method for administering the prescribed therapy. The primary advantage Clinical Hypnotherapy holds over other psychological approaches is that it deals directly with the subconscious (emotional) mind and bypasses the conscious (logical) mind, usually allowing us far quicker results in producing beneficial and lasting changes. 

Hypnotherapy bypasses the logical process - preventing you from getting in your own way. For example, let's consider a common simple phrase. One that is seemingly harmless. Fosters bullying. Depletes self esteem. Creates massive mental confusion. And is seeded at the root of many a man's despair... "Boys don't cry.” That’s a given, right? We all know this golden rule. WTF! This fallacy is so over and wears on men's minds to the point of driving them to tears! 

How are we supposed to properly function as human beings when we are all told it is not acceptable to show our emotions. Then, people take that concept even further claiming it is not acceptable to feel our emotions. ARGH! Our emotions are the gateway to our intuitive guidance. We need to feel in order to process. If boys don't cry then why do their bodies produce tears? 

Our Emotions are beautifully wondrous. Our Emotions are the primary influencing factor for every definitive action we make as human beings. Our Emotions are a key aspect of our life and affect our overall being and behavior. Yet, for whatever reason, human beings have been bulldozed into believing it is in our best interests to hide our emotions, defy our emotions, deny our emotions.

Receiving rations of **** for my exceedingly positive mindset became commonplace for me. See, I am shamelessly in love with feeling my energetically charged emotions coursing through my veins. What’s the difference? Why am I willing to forgo other people's opinions (OPP’s) and let my love light the way? Because searching for my peace of mind led me to a mind-blowing discovery. 

 Insert emotional frequency chart

With all honesty, I envy the heck out of young children who still have a grasp on the ability to throw a massive tantrum anywhere they please. What a release! I watch in admiration as they cut loose the mental overload that pushed them over the edge in the first place. All with no regard for what anyone thinks about what they are going through. It’s easy for me to recognize when cognitive overload explodes. 

My mind works overtime - all the time, receives an overload of electrical impulses, and completes tasks in spirals. But, hey… at least I took the time to figure out what was going on and learned how to work with the grain instead of appearing to be purposely forcing my way against it.

In “Seeing the Brain’s Electrical Activity,” Anne Trafton’s February 26, 2018, post on MIT News points out, “Neurons in the brain communicate via rapid electrical impulses that allow the brain to coordinate behavior, sensation, thoughts, and emotion.” Well, if some humans are firing faster than the norm - exposed to too much irrelevant information - then information overload takes place. This leads to an unnecessary overstimulation of the brain. While this was solid information - it was still far from the solution I was after.

One day my brother commented, “You sure do assign a HUGE amount of meaning into most everything.” Turns out the majority of my thoughts filter through my emotions. Whew! Feelings. Emotions. Yes, I have them. You have them. We all have them. They drive our conscious mind into action. Only if the seeds planted in our emotional subconscious are bad then our conscious produces faulty results. 

An interesting note: Without emotions, humans would be absolved of addiction. 

Gaining control over our emotions is paramount to leading a stable life. Why then are we constantly driven to disrespect them? Ignore them? Grow ashamed of them? We have become so fully ingrained with wrongly formed beliefs. Glazing over them as if they bear no impact, when in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

"Clean Your Plate." I wonder how many cases of obesity are caused solely by these three little words. I’ve witnessed grown people struggle with not finishing everything on their plate - as if it will go on their permanent record! 

Ideally, people would be rational beings who constantly adjust their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors to align them with new information that is essentially incontrovertible.

Our thoughts exist as waves that can be amplified by increasing their frequency and then intentionally directed through focused attention to affect change. Focus on any one thing long enough and you’re sure to get it. 

Dirty Minds are created when beliefs and thoughts are allowed to run unchecked.

Dirty Minds are minds where anchors have been created in between two separate events, so that when one of the events occur, the second event is remembered or recalled automatically by our subconscious mind.

Dirty Minds are minds programmed by past experiences, functioning unaware of the underlying subconscious influence. They wear the effects of the experience since the energy is imprinted on their subconscious through anchors. 

Dirty Minds are worn by people who live in the past. Dirty Minds are people wearing jaded perspectives from holding on to whatever they believe they should’ve gotten, but didn’t. They went after something, but it didn’t work out for them. Or, they got what they were after, only not the way they wanted.  

Dirty Minds is coming to you soon in Podcast and TV...