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Cultivate peace of mind w/ custom brainwash 4 dirty minds


"I can change your Mind, but I can't change your mind." Dr. Crawford

Custom BrainWash

The reality we have created is a process of our thinking. We can’t change anything if we can’t change our thoughts. It's why we produce the same results over and over.

The great news is a Custom BrainWash plants new seeds in the subconscious mind aimed to cultivate new thoughts and present your mind with new choices to take action on = Improved Reality.

Signs of a Dirty Mind

Our minds are constantly under the influence. Intrusions by electronic devices aside, mind pollution is on the rise with advertisers & marketers all constantly vying for your attention. 

These conglomerates are Masters in the use of hypnosis to bombard their brands deep into our psyche. Then there's still the stale beliefs, past traumas, bad habits...

Dirty Minds Podcast & TV Show

Dirty Minds is currently in production for both Podcast and TV to bring you insights on the power within our sub-conscious minds and the true artistry of Hypnotherapy. 

One of the most researched and proven areas in psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, is, without a doubt, one of the most effective transformational methods available in our time.

More About Custom BrainWash for Dirty Minds

Masterful Storyteller & Custom BrainWash Creator, Dr. Kim Crawford, helps clients harness the power residing within their subconscious minds while exposing the true artistry of hypnotherapy in creating life altering results... because everyone's got Dirty Minds.

Need to get out of your own way? End destructive behaviours? Relieve constant worry? Set free the fears wreaking havoc in your life? Conquer that addictive personality? Let go of loneliness? 

Or, maybe... Amass a Millionaire Mindset? Picture your new Photographic Memory? Stack up on Self-Esteem? Rock the Stage? Excel at Social? Lose Weight? Gain Weight? Sleep More? Sleep Less? 

One of the most researched and proven areas in psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, can assist in over 200 medical conditions and is one of the most effective transformational methods available in our time. 

A comparison study of techniques for psychologically based change (Psychotherapy Magazine, Vol 7, Number 1, Alfred A Barrios. PhD) revealed the following as proven to generate the greatest success in providing lasting change: 

38% Recovery - After 600 Sessions (approx. 11 1/2 yrs) Psychoanalysis 72% Recovery - After 22 Sessions (approx. 6 mos) Behavior Therapy 93% Recovery - After 6 Sessions (approx. 1 1/2 mos) Hypnotherapy 

A Custom BrainWash spans from Getting Out of Your Own Way to a Millionaire Mindset, "I can change your mind, but only you can change your mind." When you are ready for a change and don't know how to make it, a Custom BrainWash may be just the thing Dr. Crawford orders. 

Your thoughts are energy, your words are energy, your actions are energy. All things are energy. Emotions fuel your beliefs. Beliefs form your thoughts. Thoughts turn into action. Action equals your reality. You create manifestations through thoughts, words, and actions that use energy to form objects, conditions, and experiences. 

“That’s easy for you to say,” I would hear in rebuttal. 

Then, more often, “Wow! How on earth did you manage that?”

For years, I offered out the explanation freely, and handed over all the necessary tools for them to identify their own creational formula to use in producing real results. 

If your emotions are out of whack, the beliefs formed will be warped. For example, if a person harbors jealous emotions, then their beliefs may manifest into convincing them they are being cheated on. 

Up next, the thoughts take over and form a reality born of mistrust. Angry words begin to fly, maybe a few doors slam, until these emotionally-charged actions form the condition of a broken door and the experience of a broken heart. 

Building from the new pictures firmly planted in my mind and sticking to my Creational Formula, I began producing results almost phenomenal in nature. The more I produced, the easier it was for me to see that people were beginning not to believe my fantastical tales of Creation. Even if they witnessed it taking place. 

 Unfortunately, many people are unwilling to change their world view to account for new information that contradicts their cherished beliefs. Jealousy eventually reared its ugly head and a few people began arguing with me, regularly. In their minds, they were unable to fathom the truth. 

Being willing to take a stand and do what you believe best serves you on your path leads you to self-mastery. Custom BrainWash offers you the chance to free your mind of the old worn out beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing the best possible version of you. 

But, what REALLY seems to be eluding the masses is our ability to monopolize on the human brain’s one fundamental flaw to achieve immense improvements in just about any area of our lives we choose. 

Brain Flaw: Our brain can’t tell the difference between something physically happening and something we are only thinking about! How can this proven fact not excite the bejesus out of anyone who realizes it’s latent power? Armed with this info it seems the human race should have moved well beyond the struggle by now. 

It was around this time it became obvious to me that my own thirst to quench my insatiable emotions and hunger for knowledge was not something that drove the masses into taking much action. 

In fact, what I witnessed most people do with this golden nugget of info was toss it aside as worthless. Crack me up! 

 Kim Crawford, PhD
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Honorary PhD in Esoteric Studies from
25+ years experiential learning in Quantum and Meta Physics 
focused in Creation & the Subconscious Mind
3rd Degree Mental Black Belt Certified Trainer 
Creational Master

(1) Psychotherapy Magazine, Vol 7, Number 1, Alfred A Barrios. PhD
(2) http://news.mit.edu/2018/seeing-brains-electrical-activity-0226
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